Inspectors reach settlement in retaliation case

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Moreno Valley, CA spent $1.2 million dollars in a settlement after employees alleged that they were retaliated against for following the law and pursuing code cases. A former building official and code compliance manager each received $600,000 after allegedly being fired  for carrying out code-enforcement actions involving building-code violations by a former councilman.

It’s important for an inspector to document attempts made to thwart him or her from carrying out official duties.   Emails, letters, notes regarding witnesses, and summaries of conversations may be useful at a later time. Even if an inspector doesn’t get a written reply to an email regarding a sensitive matter, being able to show that there was an attempt by the inspector to get guidance from a supervisor or a response from a governmental official may be valuable.  People often say dumb things in emails, never realizing that those types of communications are discoverable in a lawsuit.

  1. Floyd Meadows
    February 26th, 2015 at 08:53 | #1

    The name provided above is not my actual name (solely for privacy concerns). I am hoping that someone will please contact me via my personal e-mail address provided (as I understand my e-mail address will not be published). At that time I will gladly provide my real name and any information necessary.
    I am a municipal building official with both private sector and public sector experience.
    The short story is that like most building officials I am under great pressure in performance of my duties as a building official / plans examiner. It is to the point where I feel I have no where to turn. My superior reports directly to our elected officials and has little to no background in construction or the building codes. None of our leadership has any background in construction and our construction appeals board in no way or form reflects what is required within the adopted codes. Recent appeals have ended in disaster, as a result and I am under GREAT pressure with little to no support from my superior(s). I feel hopeless, helpless and harassed. I am too old to be young and too young to be old- it seems I am trapped, no matter what I do. Leaving is not the answer as I live where I serve and fear harassment would likely result. Above and beyond that- I have a family and need the job!
    I have become fearful to the degree that I feel I must speak with an attorney versed in the enforcement codes and this sort of issue. Please contact me at the e-mail address provided. I am not close to your location and will likely need to speak with someone nearer to me. I feel afraid to that point as well- this is a community of politics and many attorney’s. Everyone knows everyone, I have been here all my life- this is no understatement. Please contact me – any response would be much appreciated. I am tired of feeling afraid – its not who I am.

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